An Effective Diet That Works Fast: Appetite Suppressant Drinks

It is scientifically proven that there are some products out there that make us feel full faster than usual, and the great thing about these appetite suppressant foods and drinks is that they are healthy, affordable, and very easy to get. Sure, you may feel full after drinking foamy and creamy coffee from a fast food chain, but why not choose something healthier that will fill up your stomach too? Try adding a couple of the filling and nutritious drinks below to your daily diet and start losing weight as you get healthier too.

A glass of fresh lemonade

This is best enjoyed with your breakfast, such as oatmeal, an egg white omelet or a whole wheat bread sandwich. Powdered lemonade packs are only filled with preservatives and artificial sweeteners, so go for freshly squeezed. Make your own lemonade by using ripe lemons and adding a little honey, for this is the best way to get your vitamin C, which will help fight off infection and keep your complexion glowing and clear. Always eat something solid with your glass of lemonade, especially in the morning, to keep your stomach from reacting to the lemon’s acidity and to give you good energy throughout the day.

A cup of green tea

Set aside those carbonated beverages or ingredient-laden coffees for lunch and snacks, and enjoy a soothing cup of green tea instead. Adding a slice or wedge of lemon can help your body absorb the tea’s antioxidants more thoroughly, ensuring you proper detoxification. The loose leaf kind is healthier than those in teabag form, although tea bags are far preferable to the powdered and sweetened kinds premixed for making iced tea. Avoid piling on too much sugar by using a teaspoon of honey instead. Pure green tea is a natural appetite suppressant, and drinking a cup or two for lunch can keep you energized and full enough to skip through afternoon snacks.

A glass of milk

Drinking a glass of milk after dinner or before bedtime can give your body the right nutrients as it repairs itself while you sleep. Milk also contains tryptophan, the special compound that converts serotonin to melatonin at night, which can fight against insomnia and other sleeping disorders. You can go for whole, skim, flavored, or fat-free. Drinking enough milk also keeps you from experiencing vitamin B12 deficiency and having to take a vitamin B12 injection to stay healthy. A glass of milk naturally fills you up, helping you to stop eating midnight snacks for good.