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Weight Loss Motivation, Questions to the Industry

In her post on her weight loss blog, Lisa Pietsch describes the Body For Life program by Bill Phillips, essentially trying to recruit other people in her arena to follow her lead.

As far as a motivational lever is concerned, forcing yourself to be accountable to someone else can often make or break a weight loss goal.  Let's be honest with ourselves for a change.  How many "white lies" do we tell ourselves on a day to day basis.  As always, it's important to understand your personal reasons for losing weight before you even embark on the journey.

One of the pros for the Body For Life program comes from the fact that there is a $50,000 grand prize for the people that win.  Now, don't get me wrong, 50 grand can motivate a few people.  However, what if the prize money was individualized, as in, if you hit a certain goal, you get paid.  There would be no competition with others and yourself.  The competition would only be between old you and new you.

One paradox with offering prize money to a select few winners is this:  There are going to be people that will not even give the program a chance just because they "know" that they won't win.  It's almost like reverse motivation.

Again, this just illistrates one more reason that there is no one thing that will motivate every single person.  Now, for Lisa and her crew, the money is more of a secondary goal.  The comraderie of friendship will take their weight loss to the next level. 


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