Healthy Diet Plans

Why do you need healthy diet plans? Maybe you’ve decided to start losing some weight. Maybe you’ve decided that you just need to eat healthier. Either way, most people decide to start on healthy diet plans because they have less energy, less stamina, and less overall desire to pursue the things they love. It all starts at where you eat. That’s because your nutrition is the foundation of how your body obtains its energy. When you eat sugary foods throughout the day and don’t eat many fruits and vegetables, then you end up not feeling well that night and usually throughout the next day, right? That’s because your body isn’t getting the vitamins, minerals, and good calories it needs to operate. The good news is that you can make the changes today to start living a healthier lifestyle.

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The Good News is That You Can Start Today with Better Diet Plans

Did you know that most people consume processed foods for over 60% of their nutritional intake? That’s 60% of their diet that isn’t homemade or made from scratch. That’s right – processed foods are simply foods that have been altered from their natural state. Have you ever made cookies and then packaged them up in an air tight container? How long did they last… two weeks? Maybe three weeks? Ever wonder how the cookies at the store can stay fresh on the shelf for over a year? That’s because of preservatives that have been put into it, which makes it a processed food. The best diet plans that are out there today eliminate all of these processed foods from your diet. That’s because these foods can actually stick in your digestive tract and cause you future problems, such as bloating, diarrhea, acid reflux, or even worse… cancer. You can end up forcing nutritional foods out of your body because all of the foods with preservatives that are just stuck in there. You may find that the first few days on new diet plans may make you feel miserable, but that’s a good kind of misery. That fever, those sweats, that headache – they all mean that your body is detoxifying itself and is preparing itself for some weight loss.

If you are ready to make a diet change today, then start by taking stock of how many foods you have that are filled with preservatives and then get rid of them. You’ll be glad you did!

Start Your New Diet Plans By Taking a Couple Days To Juice Fast

Now that you’ve eliminated all of the preservatives from your diet, it is time to make sure your body is prepared and ready to start losing weight. Chances are that if your diet was high in preservatives that it was also high in cholesterol, bad fatty acids, and a bunch of other unhealthy stuff. This stuff can clog up your digestive tract through your gallbladder and liver and actually prevent functionality. So you may be prepared to start eating healthier now that you’ve taken away the processed foods, your body probably isn’t In order to prepare your body to start losing weight in your new diet plans and to be ready to accept these new, fresh foods, you are going to need to flush out your system. You can do this quickly and easily with a 48 hour juice fast. A juice fast means that all you consume is juice over those two days. No proteins – just fruit or vegetable juice. There are a couple ways you can go about doing this:

An effective way to flush out your liver and gallbladder is to drink apple juice only through this 48 hour period. The malic acid in the apple juice will help to soften any gallstones you might have and make them more malleable. This will then help your liver to be able to send bile down through your gallbladder and into your digestive tract much easier, thereby increasing the nutritional breakdown of the foods you will eat in the near future; or

You can blend or juice your favorite fruits and vegetables and create what is in effect a “juice meal.” These juice meals contain more nutrition then the apple juice, but they also contain pulp and product that your body will need to work on digesting. This method is great for people who simply need to start eating healthier and don’t really have much of a weight problem. If you choose to drink apple juice in preparation of your diet plans, then you will want to drink 8 ounces of juice for every 2 hours that you are awake. You’ll also want to double up that first glass in the morning. If you choose to juice or blend out your fruits and vegetables, then you will want to take one of these juice meals as a substitute for each of your meals, plus add a fourth one in there somewhere, but not within the last three hours before you go to bed.

Your New Diet Plans Will Have You Feeling Energetic Rapidly

Your new diet plans will have you feeling better about yourself in no time at all. After the detoxification process, which can last for up to a week, you will have more energy, more stamina, and will be ready to face your day instead of hide from it. The key to all of this really is nutrition. With the right nutrition from fruits and vegetables such as kale, cabbage, tomatoes, carrots, and grapefruits, you will find that you are getting more nutritional content from eating much less food. It’s like drinking a cup of coffee… except that you are eating breakfast!

So be sure to eat a larger meal for breakfast, a smaller meal for lunch, and just what you need to make it through the night for dinner to maximize your new nutritional plans. The right healthy diet plans are just waiting for you – but be sure to consult with your doctor first, especially if you plan to lose weight.